We are an international school operating with the American Curriculum enhanced with the internationa standard of teaching. We are under the license and supervision of the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Yeischool - Vission

Our Vision

YEIS’s highest intention to become a leading learning institution that provides its life-long learners with the relevant and comprehensive skills through its globally competitive and innovative educational instruction, with the goal of producing pragmatic, innovating, and responsible global citizens.

Our Mission

YEIS creates a highly stimulating learning environment for its culturally diversified community of students, through it’s student-centered approach which generates and facilitates the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills for  innovation and sustainable development of its learners.

Yeischool Yanbu About Us Core Values

Core Values

To commit ourselves to Excellence in every step we take until it becomes our embedded direction for success.

To produce Learned individuals that could contribute for the progress of their country.

To succeed in employing I educators that could mold the moral attitudes, academic statures, and positively direct students in their individual ambitions.

To make sure that through patience and diligence, our educators and students have the great Tenacity in reaching our goals as an institution and as an individual.

To provide students and educators the Empowerment needed for the improvement of their performances.