Yanbu Elite International School provides an environment where children under the age of six can develop their inherent potential to the fullest. We offer a well-planned program which challenges children to extend their horizons through new learning in a secure environment.

Our preschool department program helps each child develop and maintain optimum health; further his physical development; extend his understanding of the social world; enter into his scientific world; grow in understanding of spatial and quantitative relationships; expand their control of the English language; and express their individual selves aesthetically through various art media.


Elementary & Middle School Department

As a school that is committed to the total development of the child, we continuously endeavor to actualize our vision by offering the following:

  • An enriched curriculum for learning
  • Provide a wholesome environment which is conducive to teaching and learning
  • Supplement our academic program with varied and rich co-curricular activities
  • Provide adequate facilities to enhance teaching and learning

High School Department

Our high school department focuses on preparing students for college education and equipping them with skills for gainful employment. Our program also emphasises a profound respect for humanity in all its diversity with a concern for individual rights and responsibilities.

School Levels offered

Levels Classes
Preschool KG 1 – KG 3
Primary School Grade 1 – 6
Middle School Grade 7-9
High School Grades 10 – 11